Dracula's Ghost Riders Club

Welcome Ghost Riders


One evening in February 1970, some of the habitués of swinging St. Moritz decided to organise a moonlight bob race, called “The Dracula Ghost Riders Challenge”. It took place on the Engadine side of the Albula Pass road near La Punt. This competition was not dominated by a grim struggle for split seconds, it was above all a sporting entertainment, an expression of joy of living, just as this kind of race used to be – we know – in the early days of Cresta or bobsleighing.

Suddenly, on this serene evening an idea was born: We realized that there is something missing in St. Moritz: For the early birds, the Cresta Run is open, for sporting exercise during the day we have the Corviglia Ski Club and the Bobsleigh Club. But for the evenings, there should be a Club which combines sport and evening entertainment, a Club which organises, e.g., night races for gentleman and lady sleighriders on old fashioned bobsleighs, curling parties, excursions and rallies at night and all kinds of evening entertainment.

In order to fill this gap, 30 friends got together and decided to found a new Club. With reference to this memorable evening at La Punt we call it “The Dracula Ghost Riders”.


As tradition demands we come together at midnight. We know that only a few hours will be accorded to us until dawn. So let us make use of this night while respecting the following rules:


1. Guests must be known by Life Members

2. Good manners are mandatory

3. Admission after 11pm for +21 years only

4. No photos or filming

5. We expect our Life Members & guests to dress elegantly – this implies formal footwear, shirt & jacket for Gentlemen

6. Only Founder or Life Members of the Club have the right to wear the Club badges and the Club tie


Only Life Members can make reservations for the Club & the Guest List